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words from the publisher

Kristin GracyHello Readers and Riders,
Due to the Chinese virus, motorcycle events that were postponed and reset, continue to be canceled. Sturgis will be taking place while this issue hits the street. Laconia, that has been reset three times, is now scheduled for August 22-30 right after Sturgis, but it may be canceled as well. The November Lone Star Rally in Texas has already been canceled. Florida’s motorcycle rallies are in a similar situation. Leesburg Bikefest that was postponed until November 13-15, is no longer on the calendar for the Leesburg Partnership site. Biketoberfest is in a kind of holding pattern awaiting on results of Sturgis and the Florida Governor. As of this printing, Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach is still on as scheduled and looks to be on track to receive riders from all over. We plan on having a HUGE Bike Show for the Best of Thunder Beach, so make your plans!

There is an election coming and I hear all kinds of stuff from a vast array of people and business owners. The pandemic has affected everything, and I believe we are at a turning point where people reaching their breaking point and will not stand for things to continue the way they are. Motorcycle businesses, events and the industry are hurting like all other industries. We have seen 15% of those businesses already go under. It’s time to get businesses back up and running and people back to work.

This is a strange world we are living in today and I’m not placing any bets on where it will go from here, but I am praying that God will heal this land, heal people’s hearts, heal their minds and that this country gets back to being GREAT…Again.

We would like to congratulate our dear friends Rick and Barbara Adams from Hermitage TN on their nuptials. They got married on motorcycles, of course, the only way they know. We are so happy for them and wish them many happy years of wedded bliss!

Hang in there, we will get through this and “Keep Your Knees in the Breeze” ©.

Kristin “Ms Mag Man” Gracy