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Southern Biker Magazine July 2020
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words from the publisher

Kristin GracyHello Readers and Riders,
Wow, what a crazy last couple of months! If you’re like us, we’re tired of hearing about Covid-19/Corona Virus, social distancing, shelter at home and all the other terms that have been beat into our brains until we hear them rattling around in our head while we try to sleep. If you are concerned about our future, you are not alone. Being a small business owner and a REALTOR ®, this economic shut down hurt us tremendously. For the first time since we started publishing Southern Biker Magazine in August 2009, we were not able to publish the May 2020 issue. Due to businesses closing and events being canceled because of our government telling everyone to stay at home we couldn’t publish the May issue. How can the projected numbers be so inaccurate, yet the government still makes everyone wear masks and parts of the country still have not opened back up? Its mind boggling how this came about and turned our world upside down so quickly and violently. Our hearts go out to those that lost loved ones whether from Covid-19 or depression induced suicide because of Covid-19 or lost their business. Tragedy is unlimited these days.

This is a new world now and we don’t do change well. We all want to go back to how things where a few short months ago but, they say most likely we will never go back to that world as we knew it. We think that’s the most difficult thing to try realizing and accepting. One thing is for sure, thank goodness we have motorcycles! Nothing like going for a ride to get fresh air and feel the wide-open spaces to reboot your soul. We are also very thankful we live in the country with five acres to roam. We never run out of things to do because there is always something that needs repaired or a project that needs to be completed. If you are tired of being cooped up in a tiny apartment and thinking about relocating to the country give me a call/text at 865-405-6989.

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Kristin “Ms Mag Man” Gracy