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Current Issue of Southern Biker Magazine
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words from the publisher

Kristin GracyHello Riders,
The COVID-19 Corona virus has taken its toll on nearly every spring motorcycle event and has affected people’s lives throughout our great nation. Event organizers had to cancel or postpone their events through the middle of May (at this time). People’s lives have been turned upside down with the struggle of making through this outbreak. I for one believe the media is partly responsible for all of the sensationalism and causing more panic than necessary. If you go by the numbers, the regular flu is more serious to us right now with more deaths. The H1N1 virus killed more people and infected more than this one has so far, but this virus is mutating and making it more difficult to rein in. This is unchartered territory on how to respond to this virus and is causing our country to shut down.

We here at Southern Biker Magazine understand taking precautions and we are doing them ourselves. We want all of our readers and customers to be safe and always be mindful of your health and others around you. Our customers that are here inside this issue with their ads also feel the same way. That’s why we wanted to make sure you had something great to read during the April shutdown of most every business and work place.

Daytona Beach Bike Week was the official kick-off to riding season, but the concerns of the CDC and the government about the COVID-19 virus began its assault on events and people at the very end of Bike Week. So, saying that, we will “Officially kick-off the 2020 riding season in May”; start making plans and calling friends to have that first great ride to the season with a group. Restaurants, pubs, dealerships and other places will have their bike nights all over the country returning to full power and you’ll get to see those awesome bikes with all that chrome and custom paint.

Lots of events are headed your way and what better way to stay informed than to pick up a copy of Southern Biker Magazine or go to our website at to get all the info you need for upcoming events and information that is important to you.

We are getting excited about this year and look forward to getting out there to ride and remember… “Keep Your Knees In The Breeze!”©

Kristin “Ms Mag Man” Gracy